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CASE STUDY: Birmingham (UK) Hippodrome

Class in the heart of England

Published: 04/04/2017


Peavey’s MediaMatrix proves a class act at Birmingham Hippodrome, boasting most advanced system in the UK.

Following an extensive £34million development at the turn of the millennium, Birmingham Hippodrome now ranks as one the fi nest theatre complexes in the world, with a 1,847 seat auditorium, eight hospitality and conference rooms, an additional 206-seat studio theatre, 120-cover restaurant, large new front of house areas, spacious foyers, deli bar and off -site bar and restuarant. It is the largest independent theatre outside of London and regularly welcomes audiences of 500,000 each year – the highest attendance figures of any single theatre in the UK.

To further enhance the theatre experience, investment was made to give Birmingham Hippodrome a state of the art audio management system. The aim was to provide the numerous areas of the theatre with flexible audio control – allowing staff to conveniently manage volume levels and content, as well as provide versatility to rooms that may need dedicated audio facilities for presentations or private hire.

To meet the demand for flexibility and total control, Birmingham Hippodrome opted for the proven combination of Peavey’s Media Matrix solution, coupled with AMX hardware, with end user operation available from either an Android device, fixed wall points, or AMX wall mounted touchscreens.

The project was managed by Birmingham Hippodrome and installed by highly experienced audio visual integrators Inspiretech Ltd. Via a secure login, Birmingham Hippodrome’s technical team can also access the system remotely, meaning any issues can be conveniently dealt with wherever they are.

With a MediaMatrix Nion N6 unit providing the brains for the venue’s audio, the solution allows for a centralised source for audio throughout four main zones in the theatre, with ability for any content and level configuration. Using CAB-4n units, all end points can be set up in groups of four channels for microphone or line level in any of the available configurations. This, in turn, provides total versatility for bringing professional audio to any of the venue’s numerous hospitality and conference rooms.

Birmingham Hippodrome can now boast the most cutting edge audio visual solution of any theatre in the country. As well as providing key areas such as the restaurant and foyers with end user control via a tablet device, the system also provides the Hippodrome’s technical team with total audio control at any one of up to 28 end points.

With such a user-friendly interface, staff at the venue have taken quickly to the new technology. Using Peavey’s award-winning Kiosk2Go software, and leveraging the power of HTML5, any control interface that a designer creates using the MediaMatrix can be accessed wirelessly with any Android, iOS (Apple), Blackberry, Windows or Linux mobile device.